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[[Ahmed_Habib_A_Janmohamed|Ahmed Habib A Janmohamed]]
[[Ahmed_Habib_A_Janmohamed|Ahmed Habib A Janmohamed]]
[[Akbarali Gulamhussein Sabur]]
[[Akber Gulamali Damji]]
[[Akber Gulamali Damji]]
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[[Ali_Ebrahim|Ali Ebrahim]]
[[Ali_Ebrahim|Ali Ebrahim]]
[[Ali Hasnain]]
[[Ali Hassanali]]
[[Ali_Mohammed_Jaffer_Sheriff|Ali Mohammed Jaffer Sheriff]]
[[Ali_Mohammed_Jaffer_Sheriff|Ali Mohammed Jaffer Sheriff]]
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[[Asgarali_Nazarali_Bharwani|Asgarali Nazarali Bharwani]]
[[Asgarali_Nazarali_Bharwani|Asgarali Nazarali Bharwani]]
[[Asgharali Karim Rehmtullah]]
[[As-Sadiq_Islamic_School|As-Sadiq Islamic School (Toronto - Canada)]]
[[As-Sadiq_Islamic_School|As-Sadiq Islamic School (Toronto - Canada)]]
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[[Dr._Abbas_Dost_Mohamed_Moledina|Dr Abbas Dost Mohamed Moledina]]
[[Dr._Abbas_Dost_Mohamed_Moledina|Dr Abbas Dost Mohamed Moledina]]
[[Dr Insiyah Agha]]
<p style="text-align: right;">[[More_in_D|...More in D]]</p>
<p style="text-align: right;">[[More_in_D|...More in D]]</p>
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[[Hassanali_Fazal_Jaffer_Khatau_-_Mauritius|Hassanali Fazal Jaffer Khatau]]
[[Hassanali_Fazal_Jaffer_Khatau_-_Mauritius|Hassanali Fazal Jaffer Khatau]]
[[Hassanali Gulamhusein Sabur]]
[[Hassanali_Juma_Haji_Ali_Muraj|Hassanali Juma Haji Ali Muraj]]
[[Hassanali_Juma_Haji_Ali_Muraj|Hassanali Juma Haji Ali Muraj]]
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[[Kampala|Kampala Jamaat]]
[[Kampala|Kampala Jamaat]]
[[Kanize Zehrabai Gulamhussein Chandoo (Muallima Kanizbai/Baiji of Tanga)]]
[[Karmali_Hansraj_Jagani|Karmali Hansraj Jagani]]
[[Karmali_Hansraj_Jagani|Karmali Hansraj Jagani]]
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[[Kuwwatul_Islam_Mosque_-_Juni_Masjid_Zanzibar_-_The_First_Khoja_Shia_Ithna_Asheri_Mosque_built_in_the_world|Kuwwatul Islam Mosque (Juni Masjid-Zanzibar)]]
[[Kuwwatul_Islam_Mosque_-_Juni_Masjid_Zanzibar_-_The_First_Khoja_Shia_Ithna_Asheri_Mosque_built_in_the_world|Kuwwatul Islam Mosque (Juni Masjid-Zanzibar)]]
[[Khoja_Shia_Ithna_Asheri_Jamaats_round_the_globe|Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaats Around The Globe]]
[[Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaats & Regional Federations Around The Globe]]
<p style="text-align: right;">[[More_in_K|...More in K]]</p>
<p style="text-align: right;">[[More_in_K|...More in K]]</p>
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[[Marziabai Ramzanali Jivraj (Marziabai Husseinali N Ladha)]]
[[Marziabai Ramzanali Jivraj (Marziabai Husseinali N Ladha)]]
[[Matam e Bahrani (Matemni - Zanzibar)]]
[[Kalbe_Sadiq|Maulana Dr Kalbe Sadiq]]
[[Kalbe_Sadiq|Maulana Dr Kalbe Sadiq]]
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[[Sultanbhai_Gulamhussein_Abdalla_Datoo|Sultanbhai Gulamhussein Abdalla Datoo]]
[[Sultanbhai_Gulamhussein_Abdalla_Datoo|Sultanbhai Gulamhussein Abdalla Datoo]]
[[Syed Hassan Abbas Ansar Hussein Naqvi]]
<p style="text-align: right;">[[More_in_S|...More in S]]</p>
<p style="text-align: right;">[[More_in_S|...More in S]]</p>
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=== Z ===
=== Z ===
[[Zaheer Abbas Khimji]]
[[Zainul_Abedeen_Mazandarani|Zainul Abedeen Mazandarani]]
[[Zainul_Abedeen_Mazandarani|Zainul Abedeen Mazandarani]]
[[Zakira Khatija Bai Muhsin Datoo]]
[[Zanzibar_Khushali_Bankro|Zanzibar Khushali Bankro]]
[[Zanzibar_Khushali_Bankro|Zanzibar Khushali Bankro]]

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O mankind! Indeed We created you from a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted. Indeed the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is the most God wary among you. Indeed Allah is all-knowing, all-aware

-- The Holy Qur’an 49:13

KhojaPedia is an online encyclopedia that details the socio-religious matters of the Khoja Shia Ithna Ashari Muslim community. It seeks to document and preserve the history and rich heritage of this community, including the community’s remarkable spiritual migration from one faith to another through maintaining the spirit of unity and organisation.

The principles of this endeavour are :

• Objective and reliable research through credible sources

• To promote an empathy with the faith, sacrifice, journey, dedication, culture, heritage, identity and unity of the community

This project is an important step in imparting the legacy of the community’s ancestors to its present-day youths, as well as promoting awareness of this community to the wider global community. KhojaPedia predominantly focuses on the Khoja Shia Ithna ‘Ashari community, but where relevant, also comments on other strands of the other Khoja communities.

Our vision is that KhojaPedia will become the virtual hub for all members of the Khoja Shia Ithna ‘Ashari community that wish to appreciate the endeavours of their forefathers, whilst acknowledging their current struggles, and aiming to remain united throughout the forthcoming generations.


The KhojaPedia Logo


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Abbas Sherali Alloo

Abdul Sheriff

AbdulHusein Fazal Meghji

Abdulhussein Jusab Sachedina (AZAD)

Abdulhussein Nurmohamed Kalyan

Abdulla Datoo Pardhan

Abdulla Jaffer Dewji

Abdulla Kanji (Bapu)

Abdulla Khimji & Mohamed Abdulla Khimji (Dar es Salaam)

Abdullah Tahora

AbdulRasul Alibhai Panju

Abdulrasul Bandali

Abdulrasul Haji Thawer

AbdulRasul Merali Dewji

Abdulrasul Mohamedhussein Rajabali Bhalloo (Uncle Dachoo)

Abul Qasim Najafi

A Century of Engagement of the Khoja Community with the Maraje by Hasnain Walji

A Charity Walk organized by the Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat to raise funds for Hospital - 1986

Adalji Dhanji Kaba

Aden Jamaat - Yemen

Africa Federation

Aghakhani Khudai

Ahmad Hassam

Ahmedbhai Hussein Sheriff

Ahmedbhai Haji Fazal Hasham

Ahmed Daya

Ahmed Habib A Janmohamed

Akbarali Gulamhussein Sabur

Akber Gulamali Damji

Akber Jessa

A Khoja Family Graveyard in Wadi al-Salam (Najaf)

Al Buquire Cricket Tournament- Zanzibar

Ali Ebrahim

Ali Hasnain

Ali Hassanali

Ali Mohammed Jaffer Sheriff

Ali Nathoo

Alims Seminar - Dar es Salaam (1973)

Alibhai Hirji

Alibhai Thavar

Aliraza Rajani

Aliraza Turabali Lakhani

Allama Talib Jauhari

Allidina Visram

Amersi Sunderji Jethabhai

Anjuman - e- Khuddamul Qur’an (1937)

An Outline History of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri in Eastern Africa

Anwar H K Jaffer

Anwerali Mohamedjaffer Kassamali Jivraj

A Personal Reflection on the Genesis of the World Federation

Ashakhusein Mohamedali Rashid

Asgarali Nazarali Bharwani

Asgharali Karim Rehmtullah

As-Sadiq Islamic School (Toronto - Canada)

Aunali Fidahusein Moledina

Aunali Salemohamed

A voice from India being an appeal to the British Legislature by Khojhas of Bombay

Ayatullah Al Sayyid Abul Qasim Al Musawi Al Khoei

Ayatullah Sayyid Muhsin Tabataba’i al-Hakim

Ayatullah Sistani's message to the Khoja Community

...More in A


Bagamoyo Mosque (Tanzania)

Bahar e Majalis Magazine

Baiji Sherbanu Ahmed J M Jaffer

Bashir Mohamedali Chandoo

Bead Bai


Bilal Muslim Mission

...More in B


Chake Chake Jamaat, Pemba (Tanzania)

COEJ - The Council of European Jamaats

...More in C


Dar es Salaam Jamaat

Dar es Salaam Mosque


Dawood Nasser Haji Mowjee

Dewji Jamal

Dharamsi Gangji

Dharamsi Ladha

Dost Mohammad Bhojani

Dr Abbas Dost Mohamed Moledina

Dr Insiyah Agha

...More in D


Ebrahim Allarakhia Kassam

Ebrahim Haji

Ebrahim Husein Sheriff Dewji

Electoral Committee

...More in E


Faize Ithna-Asheri Night School of Zanzibar (School Faize)

Fatima Manji

Fazal Alarakhia Khimji

Fazal Hasham Jivraj

Fazal Remtulla Virani

Fazul Cassam Chenai

Federation of Australasian Communities Inc (FAC)

Fidahussein Habib Rhemtulla Kara (FHR)

Fidahussein Juma Ukera

Fidahoussen Mamodaly Cassam Chenai

First TERM 1976-1979

...More in F


Ghulam Abbas Sajan

Gujarat Federation

Gujarati language


Gulamabbas Kassamali Bahadurali Mawji

Gulamabbas (Tommy) Habib A Janmohamed

Gulamali Bhanji (Bapu)

Gulamali Damji

Gulamali Haji Ismail (Allamah Haji Naji Saheb)

Gulamali Jetha (Mwanza)

Gulamali Jivan Panjwani

Gulam Husein

Gulamhusein Abdulla Datoo

Gulam Hussein Kalyan (Lindi)

Gulamhusein Nasser Lakha

Gulamhussein Saleh Allarakhia (Golo Saleh)

Gulamhussein Remtulla Hansraj

Gulamhusein Valimohamed Dharsi (Salsabil)

Gupt Panth ka Shujra

...More in G


Habib Abdulla Janmohamed

Habib Jafferali Mulji

Habib Gulamali Damji

Habib Gulamhussein Virjee

Habib Kassam Manji

Habib Kassamali (HK) Jaffer

Habib Pyarali Virani

Haideralibhai Fazal Meghji

Haiderali Hassanali Pirbhai

Haiderali Mohammedali Kassam Chinai

Haji Nazarali Imambargha (Mumbai - India)

Hamidabai Manji (Maalim-Mia)

Hamid Ali Bhojani

Harji Lavji Damani Shayda

Hasham Bogha Master

Hasham Dewji

Hasham Ebrahim Mamdani

Hasnain Walji

Hassanali Abdulrasul Fazal

Hassanali Fazal Jaffer Khatau

Hassanali Gulamhusein Sabur

Hassanali Juma Haji Ali Muraj

Hassan Ali M Jaffer

Hassanalibhai Suleman Nangalpur Walla

Hassim Rajpar Haji

Hirji Jamal School

Historic Somalia Rescue Mission - 1990

History of the early settlement of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri in Arusha

History of the Samachar (1901-1967)

Houssaini Memorial School

Hussaini Shia Islamic Centre, (Hujjat) Stanmore - UK

Husainy Trust of Madras (Chennai) - South India

Husein Visram Meghji

Husseinali Nurmohammad Ladha

Husseinali Wallimohammed Datoo

Hussein Day

Husseinbhai Haji Muraj

Hussein Habib Abdulla Janmohamed

Husseini Madressa (Kigoma Jamaat - 1962)

Husseini Society (Lindi Jamaat)

...More in H


Ibrahim Manji Haji

Imami Khojas

India Federation

Islam Shah

Ithnasheri Dispensary (Zanzibar)

Ithna-Asheri Students’ Union of East Africa - Aligarh Muslim University (India)

Ithna-Asheri Union of Dar es Salaam - Charity Walk (1980)

...More in I


Jafar A Tijani

Jafferali Asil

Jaffer Allarakhia Rahim

Jafferbhai & Fatmabai Rashid Alidina

Jafferi Centre (Toronto - Canada)

Jaffery Complex (Mombasa)

Jalal Shah Miskin Shah

Jamat Khanas

Jameel Yusuf Kermalli (KABANA)

Janmohamed Kermali Murji Rawji

Jawad Khaki

Jinja Jamaat (Uganda)

Juma Haji

...More in J


Kaberamaido Jamaat (Uganda)

Kampala Jamaat

Kanize Zehrabai Gulamhussein Chandoo (Muallima Kanizbai/Baiji of Tanga)

Karmali Hansraj Jagani

Kassamali Chandoo (Maalim)

Kassamali Merali Dewji

Kassam Virjee

Kassim Husein Rashid

Kawkab e Khidmat

Kermali Jessa

Kermalli Sharrif Jiwa

Khalfan Family

Khalfan Rattansi

Kharumwa Jamaat

Khoja Heritage Project (KHP)

Khoja Masik



Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri First Conference in Cutch - 1933 (Mundra - India)

Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community in Pemba (Tanzania)

Khoja Shia Ithnasheri School in Mogadishu (Somalia)

Khoja Shia Ithna Asheris in Lamu and Mombasa (1870-1930)

Khoja Timeline

Kilimeru Gymkhana Wins the League Trophy 1969

Kindu Jamaat (Congo-DRC)

Kumail Rajani

Kuwwatul Islam Mosque (Juni Masjid-Zanzibar)

Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaats & Regional Federations Around The Globe

...More in K


Ladha Meghjee

Lalan Alidina

Lamu Mosque

Letter by Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer to Al Hajj Roshanali Nasser on his release from Saddam's prison

...More in L


Madoubhai Samdjee


Mahdi School & Mahdi Girls’ College

Mamodaly Cassam Chenai

Manzoorali Kanani

MARC - Mulla Asghar Resource Centre

Marriages & Divorces in Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri (KSI) Community

Marzia Bai Habib Hassan

Marziabai Ramzanali Jivraj (Marziabai Husseinali N Ladha)

Matam e Bahrani (Matemni - Zanzibar)

Maulana Dr Kalbe Sadiq

Mauritius Jamaat

Mbale Jamaat (Uganda)

MCE - Madrasah Centre of Excellence

Mehfile Muhibbane Husein (as) - Zanzibar (Mehfile Private)

Mehfil-e-Shahe Khorasan (Kiwanjani) & Mehfil-e-Zainab(s.a) (Zanzibar)

Merali Mawji

Merali Kassam

Mobina Jaffer

Mohamedali Amersi Sunderji

Mohamedali Chagani

Mohamedali G R Hansraj (Soroti - Uganda)

Mohammadali Ladha Damji

Mohamedali Janmohamed Kessani

Mohamed Ali Jinnah

Mohamedali Meghji

Mohamed Baqir Alloo

Mohammedbhai Hussein Ibrahim Ukka

Mohamedbhai Manji Walli

Mohammed Dewji

Mohamed Husein Abdulla Jaffer

Mohamedhussein Bandali Versi (M B Versi)

Mohamedhusein G Daya

Mohamedhussein Gulamhussein (Lamu)

Mohamedhussein Hassanali Ahmed (Mamsen Khokoni)

Mohamedjaffer Habib A Janmohamed

Mohammed Jaffer Mulla Hassanali Khaki

Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virjee

MohamedJaffer Sheriff Dewji

Mohamed Khalfan

Mohamed Manek

Mohammed Mehdi Hassan Marashi

Mohammed Murtaza

Mohamed Nathoo

Mohamed Rafiq Somji

Mohamedraza A Kanji

Mohamedraza Ahmed Datoo

Mohamedraza Fazel Meghji

Mohamedraza Gulamhussein Kara

Mohamedraza Mohamedhassan Khamis

Mohamed Raza Virjee

Mohamed Fazal Virani

Mohammedtaki Rehemtullah Pirbhai

Mohib Ali Roshanali Nasser

Mohsin Allarakhia

Mohsin Mohamedhussein Rajabali Alidina (Maalim)

Molubhai Remtulla

Mombasa Jamaat

Mombasa Qabrastan

Moshi Jamaat

Muhammad Ali Habib

Muhammad Alibhai Kurji

Muhammadali Sachedina Kalyan

Muhammad Ali Abdul Ali Vakil

Muhammad Dhirani

Muhammadhussein Sachoo Lalji (Mzee Lalji)

Muhammad Shivji

Muhammad Walji

Mulla Abdulkarim Gulamhussein Ebrahim Haji

Mulla Abdulla Karim Surti

Mulla Abdulrasul Khaki

Mulla Ahmed Abdulrasul Muhammad Lakha

Mulla Anverali Valimohamed Walji

Mulla Asghar Ali M M Jaffer (Mulla Asghar)

Mulla Asghar Jafari English School at Meta Village (Gujarat - India)

Mulla Bashir Rahim

Mulla Fidahussein Abdulla Karim

Mulla Gulamhussein Peera (Jomba)

Mulla Haji Jumabhai Mohammed Ukera

Mulla Hussein Allarakhia Rahim

Mulla Jaffer

Mulla Kermalli Alibhai

Mulla Mohamed Jaffar

Mulla Muslim Mohammed Ebrahim Jivraj

Mulla Qadir Husain Sahib Karbalai

Mulyanis (Zakiras) of Tanzania & Kenya

Mumbai Jamat gives condolence to the Bohra Community

Mumtazali Kassam

Munawer Rattansey

Mundra Conference - 1933

Muraj Ukera & Sons

Murtaza Mohamed Hussein Rashid Hasham (Daktari)

Musafirkhanas of Anjuman-e-Faiz-e-Panjetani (Mumbai - India) in Iraq

Mustafa G R Jaffer

...More in M


Nai Masjid (Zanzibar)

Najafali Tejani (Maalim)

Nakuru Jamaat

Nanima Khimji (Mrs Khimji)

Nargis Bai Rehmtulla

NASIMCO - North America Shia Ithanasheri Muslim Communities

Nazarali Devji Jamal

Nazarali Hussein (Kasongo - Congo)

Nazerali Alibhai Panju

Nazir Jessa

New Imambara in Kigoma (1983)

New Mosque & Imambara (Songea Jamaat - 1964)

Noor e Hidayat

Noormohamed Jivraj


Nurmohamed Manekia

Nurmohamed Kalyan

Nurmohammed Alibhai Walji

...More in N


OBs (Office Bearers) of WF

...More in O


Pakistan Federation

Pir Nur Satguru (Nuruddin)

Pirbhai Visram

Pirmohamed Dosani

Popat Bhai Rawji

Pyarali Mohamedali Shivji

...More in P


...More in Q



Resignation from the Khoja Shia Ismaili (Agakhani) Jamaat

Ramzanali Salemohammed Jagani

Ramazan Rajabali Jaffer (R R Jaffer)

Rashid Nurmohamed

Rashid Nathani

Rashid Versi

Raza Aly Hiridjee

Razia Jan Muhammad

Remtulla Kassam Gulamali & His Sons

Rwanda Jamaat (Kigali)

...More in R


Sachedina Pirani Mawji (Haji Satchu Pira)

Safdarali Akberali Jaffer

Said Mohamed (Said Nyanya)

Sayyid Abdul Husayn

Seth Ghulam Ali Chagla

Shabir Najafi

Shakti Marg

Shariff Jiwa Surti

Shariff Alimohamed Khalfan

Shaukatali Mohamedhussein Dhirani

Shaukatali Sultanali Mewawala

Sheikh Abdallah Seif Linganaweka

Sheikh Gulamabbas M. K. S. Versi

Shermohamed Sajan

Shivji Allarakhia Khimji & Family

Siwjibhai Somji

Solidarity letter from WF to Aga Khan on Ismaili massacre in Karachi

Songea Jamaat


Suleman Walji

Sultan Somjee

Sultanbhai Gulamhussein Abdalla Datoo

Syed Hassan Abbas Ansar Hussein Naqvi

...More in S


Tabora KSI Community

Tanga Jamaat

The Khoja Community Sports Legends

The Endangered Species - by Hassan Ali M Jaffer

The Khojas of Oman (Muscat)

The Khojas: A Journey of Faith - A Documentary Film

The Legacy of Sports in Zanzibar

The Makings of a Transnational Khoja Business Community

The Shia World

The Sowing and Reaping of Destiny – With ABCD Syndrome: Wither Khoja? (2008)

The Walji Family (Lamu)

The World Federation (WF) of KSIMC

The World Federation of KSIMC - Archives

The World Federation of KSIMC - History

Toronto Jamat

Triennial Conference 2014

Tulear Jamaat

Tunduru Jamat

Two Community Members Invited to Obama’s Final State of The Union Address

...More in T


...More in U


Varas Mohamedhusein Datoo

Vasanji Gangji

Versi Advani Family

...More in V


Walji Bhanji

Wete Jamaat (Pemba - Tanzania)

...More in W


Yusuf Ahmed Karim

Yusufali Fazalbhai Kassam Chinnai

...More in Y


Zaheer Abbas Khimji

Zainul Abedeen Mazandarani

Zakira Khatija Bai Muhsin Datoo

Zanzibar Khushali Bankro

Zehrabanu Janmohamed

Zulfikar Haiderali Khimji

Zuhair Jaffer

...More in Z