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Mulla Abdulkarim Gulamhussein Ebrahim Haji

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Birth Date: In The Year 1899

Life Journey

Mulla Abdulkarim Gulamhussein Ebrahim Nanji was born in 1899 in British Somaliland in "Zayla". His father was born in Kutch - Kapaya, at the age of 17 he travelled to Aden and worked for Muraj Datoo for 3 years. Later on he went to his homeland married and returned with his wife in around 1892, resided in Zayla- British Somaliland. At that time there were about 7 to 8 families living there, among them were Brother Remtulla Ibahim Nanji, Ali Lalji and Juma Banani.

In 1907 his father left Zayla and returned to Aden to work there. He sent his son Mulla Abdulkarim, his brother and his sister to India. Mulla Abdulkarim had an opportunity through the Government to study up to fifth year, furthermore he got a chance to learn Quran and Urdu language from Mulla Jaffer who used to teach in the Madressa of the community. In 1909 his father went to Merca and called back his children from India. Thus Hajibhai Muraj travelled with his mother, brother and sister to Merca. During those days the cost of a ticket from Mumbai to Merca was only 12 Rupees, the low fare was due to the competition between Mogul and German lines business.

At the age of 85, Mulla's father passed away in Merca in 1951.

Personal Life

In 1921 Mulla Saheb had gone to marry in India and returned to Merca in 1927. He was blessed with a son from this marriage. He once again went to India in 1937 by sea voyage which used to take 36 hours. Suddenly his wife died in the high seas and the captain had to make an emergency stop at Hobya to accomplish the burial rites. Mulla Saheb completed his journey to India. He later remarried in 1938 and was blessed with 2 sons and 3 daughters. In 1939 he returned to Merca, continued to run his shop. He travelled to Kismayu and worked there for Hassanali Gulamhussein between 1949 to 1951 whereby his business was taken care by his sons. For 40 years he served as a Zakir. Between 1944 to 1946 he taught Gujrati to community children. He served full heartedly as an honorary treasurer for the Jamaat from 1958 onwards.

  • Let us remember Marhum and all Marhumeens with Sura-e-Fateha.

Translated by F.Ali

Extracted from Community Directory