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New Mosque and Imambara for Songea Jamaat, April 1964

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New mosque & imambara Songea Jamaat 1.png New mosque & imambara Songea Jamaat 2.png

Opening Ceremony of New Mosque & Imambara

The opening ceremony of new Mosque and Imambara was done with great fanfare on 24 Zilhaj 1384 (April 1964). The mosque and Imambara were constructed through generous donation from the families of Marhum Ladhabhai Dinani and Marhum Jadavji Dhanji. The Honorary Secretary of Songea Jamaat, Alhaj Fidahussein Haji Mohamed Khaki spoke on this occasion. He said the community had finally been able to fulfill the need for these institutions, after having settled in Songea 35 to 40 years ago.

Generous Contribution

Alhaj Fidahussein Khaki mentioned the generosity of the Dinani family for having met the full cost of the mosque. He also recalled that apart from their frequent contributions, the family had made major contribution towards the Council’s Foundation Fund and the Dar es Salaam Boarding House. He also thanked Fazalbhai Ladha Dinani for having travelled long way from Lindi to attend the opening ceremony despite the recent death of his son Ramzanali. Alhaj Fidahussein acknowledged the generosity of the Dhanji family for having met the full cost of the Imambara. He mentioned their prominent role in Jamaat affairs and also having made a major contribution towards the Council’s Foundation Fund.

He also mentioned the family’s previous contribution towards the renovation of the old Mehfil and also construction work at Kabrastan for majlis/mayyit namaz room. He also thanked Gulamalibhai Jadavji Dhanji, President of the Jamaat, for having supervised the whole project. He finally thanked Alhaj Sherali Jeraj for his efforts in the whole Project. He also thanked all the visitors from Tunduru and Lindi Jamaat who attended the opening ceremony.

Some Memorable Photographs of Songea Jamaat

New mosque & imambara Songea Jamaat 3.png New mosque & imambara Songea Jamaat 4.png New mosque & imambara Songea Jamaat 5.png

  • Please let us remember the past leaders, volunteers and donors of our Community in Songea for their devotion, and all the Marhumeens who have served the Community in different parts of our Jamaats in Africa with great enthusiasm and dedication. Please recite Sura-e-Fateha for the maghferat of their souls – Ameen.

Article From: Federation Samachar November 1964 (Rajab 1384)

Updates by: Br. Mustafa Pirmohamed of Orlando, USA (originally of Lindi)



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