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Federation of Australasian Communities Inc (FAC)

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Eastablishment of FAC

The World Federation is pleased to announce that the Federation of Australasian Communities INC (FAC) and The Council of All KSI Jamats (India Federation) are now regional federation members as of January 27, 2015. The FAC and The Council of All KSI Jamats (India Federation) presented their applications at the Second Executive Council Meeting of the term 2014-2017 held in Stanmore in January 2015. Upon approving the applications, the Executive Council followed constitutional procedure, which under clause 3.2.1 requires that any application for membership presented to the Executive Council additionally requires a vote via postal ballot from the Executive Councilors.

The votes returned were unanimous in approving both membership applications, thus making them new regional federation members for their regions as of January 27, 2015. As a result of this, the Council of Gujarat, Kutch Federation and KSI Mumbai Jamat, as well as all Associated Members of Australia now cease to be direct members of The World Federation and become full members of their respective Regional Federations instead. The new members join the growing family of existing regions i.e. COEJ, Africa Federation and Pakistan Federation. With the inclusion of Australia and India regions The World Federation now has members from all the main areas where our communities reside. This, insha'Allah will help facilitate the strengthening of connections within the larger community - a goal that The World Federation has always strived towards.

President of The World Federation, Dr Asgarali Moledina was quick to welcome the new members with the words, “I hope we will enhance our working relationship with passion for the betterment of our community and humanity at large.” Br. Hussein Hussein, President of FAC responded with equal enthusiasm, saying: "We are very excited with the journey ahead of us, which in my opinion is challenging but a critical journey considering that world we are living in. The Federation of Australian Communities provides us with a platform to connect with our great community member base, all at their different levels of maturity. More importantly, it will provide us with the platform to connect with the wider Australian community which is as important."

"I am pleased The World Federation has approved a membership of India Federation. With this we will see new horizons of success for our community members," added Al-Haj Safdar Karmali - President of India Federation. "Now, Inshallah, not only Mumbai but the whole of India will be working in coordination with WF to bring about the social and economic growth of our brothers and sisters."

We welcome the Federation of Australasian Communities INC (FAC) and The Council of All KSI Jamats (India Federation) as members of The World Federation and as regional representatives for their regions.