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Mohamed Husein Abdulla Jaffer

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Birth Date: March 10, 1948

Brief Profile

Mohamed Husein Jaffer was born on 10th of March 1948 in Mombasa, Kenya. He is married with 3 children (2 Boys and 1 Girl), 6 Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter.

Community Service

Mr. Jaffer is the Chairman and Trustee of the Jaffer Foundation Charitable Trust, whose main philanthropy activities are water, health and education projects to help change the lives of communities in the Coast region. The Jaffer Foundation also donates foodstuff worth millions of shillings every year to the less fortunate during Ramadhan.

Life Journey

Mohamed Jaffer is a Great Grandson of Dewji Jamal, one of the pioneers who came to East Africa in the year 1860 and ventured in various trades. They were the first Bankers to His Majesty King George V and founder members of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and also the founder of the first Power & Lighting Company in Lamu. Mohamed Husein Jaffer is also the Chairman of the MJ Group of Companies that has specialized in establishing and installing cargo handling terminals with the latest state¬of-art equipment, employing the latest management operational IT Solutions and Automation.

Philosophy of Life

He strongly believes that an exceptional life has a strong philosophical foundation from which all ideas and actions are formed. It's a belief that you can be Zs most common person in the world and still do something uncommon with your life/His philosophy of success is one in which you methodically slug it out, stick to the game plan, think winning thoughts and execute without forgetting human service.) It is on the basis of his strong philosophy of life that Mohamed Husein Jaffer was able to start a business with a mere twenty thousand shillings as capital and out of this investments have grown tremendously. In other words, what started as seed money has spiraled over the years.

A little fragrance clings to a hand that give you roses.

Mr. Jaffer believes in his philosophy that it is the life touching, value adding and life transforming that matters most in the world. He knows that every water bearing pipe is free from thirst. In other words, people should not desire to be "paper millionaires". That¬is-t-e-siaEne does not become a millionaire for having a million shillings in the bank, but becomes one by influencing and touching a million lives.

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