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Muhammad Ali Abdul Ali Vakil

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Brief Profile

Muhammad Ali Abdul Ali Vakil was a lawyer in Bhavnagar. First, he was a petition writer who wrote applications and due to his exceptional command on writing the petition in Gujarati, the raja of the time suggested him to sit for an examination and was certified as a lawyer. Until 1956, his portrait was kept in the district court of Bhavnagar. (Rafikbhai Vakil, Muhammad Ali Vakil's great-grandson)

In 1906, his son was married and Adalji Dhanji Kaba was invited from Amreli. In the same year, he suggested Kaba to translate a book. It is suspected that he gave a copy of Mahuva Commission Report to Kaba which was later published by Kaba. He was the one who facilitated the migration of Kaba to Zanzibar.