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As-Sadiq Islamic School

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As-Sadiq Islamic School Logo

An Exemplarity Establishment: Recognition by The World Federation

Properly Nurturing the next generation is of critical importance and schools are incubators to breed a cadre of upright, civically engaged citizens and future leaders. The elders and pioneers of our Toronto Jamat must be commended for seizing the opportunity to establish the fine educational; facility – As-Sadiq School at Bathurst 25 years ago, in a multicultural nation like Canada.

On behalf of the World Federation, I would like to congratulate the Board, Faculty and the students on this milestone event marking 25 glorious years in such a noble endeavour.

From humble beginnings, the School has won accolade after accolade and is considered a highly respectable establishment in Ontario, at par with the best of schools in the Province. Aptly named after the best of educators of all times, Imam Sadiq (AS), the School has set exemplary standards with a curriculum that integrates the best values of our faith with the Canadian system of education. The well-rounded children, at ease with their faith ethos as much as Canadian values, are a glowing testimony of that endeavour.

No establishment happens without a dedicated team of pioneers who see the vision and doggedly pursue the goal despite impediments and naysayers. Twenty-five years ago, in characteristic Khoja fashion, a group of people set about the project, and soon the School was established in the old building at Bathurst in ??????, while the construction of the JCC was in progress and moved to its purpose-built facility in 2007 ???. Like a flowing river, the volunteers come and go; an establishment, founded with noble goals goes on far beyond the lifetimes of the founders, allowing others to build upon the work of the pioneers.

From our vantage point here at the World Federation, looking at our engagement with As-Sadiq School, two individuals stand out who sadly will not be an event marking 25 years. One was its founding Principal, Marhum Nisar Sheraly, a passionate educationalist whose early academic contribution has been foundational and helped shape this nascent project in its early years until he passed away in XXXXX.

Another name, synonymous with As-Sadiq School, is Marhum Aunali Moledina whose soft demeanour belied his burning passion for establishing schools. From Africa to North America, he was always at the forefront in all projects relating to the educational establishments, and the charity walks he organized are legendary. In particular, his passion for Al Sadiq school was contagious and his support unflinching, from inception until his last breath when he passed away in 2018. Amongst his pioneering projects is the As-Sadiq After School Program, providing one to one Quran learning program in conjunction with the Mulla Asgher Resource Center. Every ayah the children learn to recite is sawab e jariya for Marhum Aunali. Truly an inspiration for us all. The World Federation hereby recognized the exemplary services of Marhum Aunali Moledina for his exemplary services in helping establish and enhance educational facilities for the world-wide. Khoja Community.

Citation Text

On the Occasion of Marking 25 Years of Excellence AS-Sadiq School, The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities Posthumously Recognizes the Exemplary Services of Aunali Fidahusein Moledina In helping establish and enhance educational facilities for the world-wide Khoja Community.