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Kumail Rajani

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Birth Date: August 10, 1980 / 27th Ramadan 1400 (Mahuva - Gujarat)

Scholarly Credentials

Hawza: Kumail is trained in the Shi'ite seminary of Qum between 1997-2015. He also taught in the seminary between 2005-2015.

PhD / University: Kumail earned his doctorate from the University of Exeter in 2019. He taught at IAIS between 2015-2019.

Post Doctoral Research Fellow: Kumail is Postdoctoral research Fellow for LAWALISI Project.


Religious (Gujarati)

12 days series of Muharram lectures in Dar es Salaam, 2014

Majlis of 15th of Shaban in Reunion, 2015

Majlis in Paris 2015, Topic: Moderation

Seminar on Family Life in Islam, Antananarivo 2014

12 lectures in the month of Ramazan 2020

Qur’an sawab ni zanjir ma (કુરાન સવાબ ની ઝંજીર માં): Qur'an in the prison of reward

Imam Reza (as) (ઇમામ રેઝા (અ.સ)): Why do we recite Ziyarat of Imam Reza (as) after namaz?

Matbhed ane Manbhed (મતભેદ અને મનભેદ): Difference of Opinions

Imam Ali (as) na sahabiyo (ઇમામ અલી (અ.સ) ના સહાબીઓ): The Companions of Imam Ali (as)

Dua no tarjumo padvo ke Arabi bhasha ma padhvi? (દુઆ નો તરજૂમો પડવો કે અરબી ભાષા માં પઢવી?): Should du'a be recited in Arabic or its translation?

Shabe Qadr na aa’mal (શબે કદ્દર ના આમાલ): The A'amal of Shabe Qadr

Shu Imam Mahdi (atfs) ni sathe mulaqat shakya che? (શું ઇમામ મહદી (અતફશ) ની સાથે મુલાકત શક્ય છે?): Is is possible to meet Imam al-Mahdi (atfs)

Khuda kya vase che? (ખુદા ક્યાં વસે છે?): Where does Gold live?

Chelli kitab kai vanchi? (છેલ્લી કિતાબ કઈ વાંચી?): Which book did you read last time?

Wilayat na prakar (વિલાયત ના પ્રકાર): Types of Wilayat

Mujtahid kevi rite ek fatwa sudhi pohche che? (મુજ્તહીદ કેવી રીતે એક ફતવો સુધી પોહ્ચે છે?): How does a mujtahid issue a fatwa?

Mahasinul akhlaq ke makarimul akhlaq? (મહાસિનુલ અખ્લાક કે મકારેમૂલ અખ્લાક?): The differnece between Mahasinul akhlaq and Makarimul akhlaq

Family Life in Islam, 2014

Imam Ali (as): 13th Rajab, 2014

10 lectures in Safar, Ashrae Zaynabiyya, 2014 Topic: Ta'abbud and Ta'aqqul

Religious (Urdu)

12 lectures in Muharram, Burundi 2014


Karbala in the midst of History and Narrative, AMI Birmingham October 2017

The Succession to the Prophet (pbuh), February 2016 (CIMS Sunni - Shi'a Scholars Meeting

The Historicity of Dua Nudba and its later Evolution and Development, 4th March 2018

Fatima al-Zahra, the Khulafa & Fadak, 26 Feb 2020 (CIMS Sunni - Shi'a Scholars Meeting)

The Fate of the Khoja Community in British Courts of India, 29 July 2020, Khoja Heritage Project and MARC

Human interpretation of divine laws (Gujarati-French)

Crisis & Consolidation: Faith in Development (Gujarati-French)

Karbala in the Midst of History and Narrative: Typology of the Genres of Maqatil (Gujarati-French)

Q & A Karbala in the Midst of History and Narrative: Typology of the Genres of Maqatil (Gujarati-French)

Hawza & University: A Critical Assessment of the Approaches (Gujarati-French)

Shii Hadith: Origins, Development and Challenges (Gujarati-French)

Wāqifiyya and the Crisis of Shiʿa Imamate (Gujarati-French)

Mukhtār al-Thaqafī: A historical analysis of his revolt (Gujarati-French)

Q & A Mukhtār al-Thaqafī: A historical analysis of his revolt (Gujarati-French)

What happened on the Day of Arbaeen 61 AH?, 7 October 2020, QQ Academy


Senior Citizens Bibi Fatima Zahra Day 2017 in Birmingham (Gujarati)

Zainabiyya Day Speech, April 2016 in Hujjat Stanmore London (Gujarati)

A brief report of Khoja Heritage Tour 2018 (English)

Community services

1. Manager of Qum Office of WF 2011-2015

2. Head of Islamic Education Department of the WF of KSIMC 2014-2017

(Representative acitvites)

(A) Founder of Ask an Alim Project-WF:

(B) Minbar Guidelines-WF-IE

(C) Drafted MANHAJ curriculum for IRE in Kenya

(D) Launched online courses of Shia Studies

(E) Ramadan Qur'anic Word of the day:

(F) Muharram: Lesson of the day:

(G) Shia Wills

(H) Publishing Islamic Law, translated by Shaykh Mohammed Ali Ismail, project commenced during the headship of Sayyid Ali Raza Naqvi

3. Joint-Head of Khoja Heritage Project of WF KSIMC 2014-2017

(A) Founder of KhojaPedia:

(B) Convenor or the Khoja Studies Conference, 15-16 December 2016:

4. Deputy Head of the Khoja Heritage Project of WF KSIMC 2017-2020

5. Member of International Centre for Collective Ijtihad

6. Member of Dar al Ifta' wal Aqaid (The Centre for Decree & Doctrines)

Representative Projects:

1. Entry on Shii Hadith in Oxford Bibliography

2. Shii Dates Projects

A database illustrating Shiʿi generations of scholars (ṭabaqāt lit. layers) which record their biographical information arranged in a specific order.

3. Ramadan: Qur'anic Word of the day

4. Muharram: Lesson of the day

5. Ask an 'Alim Project

6. Shia Wills

7. Minber Guidelines: Making the Best of the Prophetic Pulpit

8. Manhaj: A curriculum for Islamic Religious Education

This curriculum encompasses detailed lesson plans for standards 1-8 and forms 1-4, catering to the need of Islamic Religious Education of Kenyan schools.

The aims of the MANHAJ curriculum are four-fold:

a) Religious – IRE lessons are expected to promote the religious understanding of Islam, and to acknowledge and respect other religions.

b) Intellectual, physical, and mental wellbeing – IRE lessons are expected to enable students to have a rational understanding of Islam, and to use reason in understanding the Islamic traditions. They are also expected to contribute towards the students’ physical and mental wellbeing, and in turn contribute towards the overall welfare of their nation.

c) Spiritual – IRE lessons are expected to inculcate piety (taqwa: being aware of the presence and expectation of Allah at all times), and to nurture students to become God-conscious individuals in all walks of life.

d) Moral – IRE lessons are expected to promote ethical values, enabling students to become good citizens, and role models in society.

The project was conducted during his term in the role of head of IE at the WF of KSIMC.

9. Living with the Prophetic Stories, CoEJ

10. Eid al-Ghadeer

(a) English (with narration):

(b) Gujarati:

(c) French:

11. KhojaPedia

Kumail Rajani is the founder of KhojaPedia, an online encyclopedia of the history, heritage and legacy of the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim Community.