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Letter by Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer to Al Hajj Roshanali Nasser on his release from Saddam's prison

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Al Hajj Muhibali bhai R D Nasser was interviewed on 12th March 2016 wherein he shared the below letter written by the late Mulla Asghar to Al Hajj Roshanalibhai Nasser 3 days after Mulla's release from Saddam's prison.

Letter written by Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer to Al Hajj Roshanali Nasser - Click to enlarge

London, 15th April '83

My Dear Haji Saheb

Salamun Alaikum

I hope that this find you and all family members in good health.

My wife and I arrived here in London on Tuesday the 12th April '83 at noon time, after an unexpected release on the same morning. Upon arrival here, I learnt from my relatives and friends about your noble efforts in the direction of our well being and final release. I feel so very much indebted and grateful to you that I am at a loss to find suitable words for expression. My health at the moment is fragile and has deteriorated. My wife, alhamdulillah, is better but she also needs some medical attention. We hope to recuperate, InshaAllah, in the course of time.

In the wake and footsteps of your noble father you have always lead a life of Hercules services and Felon Trophy to the community and humanity at Lords your concern about the pride and ordeal of my life and that of mine was a gesture expected of your August person for this I have ever remain grateful to you and raise my hands to Allah in earnest prayers for your well being and coffee card

With tears rolling on my cheeks in gratitude to Allah, the Masoomeen, and to you, I close this letter, not knowing what more to add.

Khuda Hafiz,

Yours ever,

Asgharali M. M. Jaffer

Transcription by Asad Virani (12th March 2016)