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Ithna-Asheri Union of Dar es Salaam Organizes Charity Walk to Raise Funds for Alawi Flats - 1980

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About the walk

A charity walk was organized by the Ithna-Asheri Union of Dar es Salaam on 25th December 1980 to raise funds for the Alawi flats to accommodate the needy and deserving members of our community. Over 250 walkers took part and a handsome amount of T.Shs. 1,150,000/= was collected through sponsorships. The age of the walkers ranged from four years to over sixty. They walked 15 kms from Dar es Salaam mosque to the University of Dar es salaam. The host at the university was Marhum Al-Haj Mohsin Allidina where the walkers were provided with refreshments.

To mark the success of the event all the walkers and their sponsors were honored to a dinner party at the boarding house on 17th January 1981. Prizes were awarded to the winners by the then president of DSM Jamaat, Alhaj Mohamed G.M Dhirani.

The following were awarded

1. Alhaj Anver Manekia. (1st highest collector)

2. Marhum Alhaj Murtaza Lakha (2nd highest collector)

3. Alhaj Hassan Hirji (3rd highest collector)

4. Alhaj Liakat Alloo (highest donor)

5. Kazim Bhalloo (youngest walker 4 ½ years)

6. Alhaj Marhum Nazarali Esmail (eldest walker 60 years)

7. Shabbir Tejani (1st to reach the finishing point)

In addition each walker was presented with a certificate of appreciation. At the same ceremony, a cheque of T.Shs. 750,000/- of the funds which had already been collected was handed over to the Dsm Jamaat by the chairman of Ithna Asheri Union, Marhum Alhaj Ibrahim Jivraj.

Ithna asheri union raise funds alawi 1.png  Ithna asheri union raise funds alawi 2.png

Source: Federation Samachar Vol. 19. Issue no.2 Shawaal 1400 A.H / September 1980



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