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Alibhai Thavar

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Birth & Death

Birth Date: In The Year 1832

Death Date: In The Year 1902

Brief Profile

Haji Alibhai Thawer was born in Zanzibar in 1832. Daring and full of adventure, he took on a sea voyage to Madagascar at the age of 20. He landed at the port of Nosibe where he started his quest for livelihood by starting a business. He was a trustworthy, magnanimous and open-minded person and these qualities led him to succeed in his business. He was gradually able to expand his business and open branches at other towns namely; Majunga, Maitrana, Solala, Morondava, Tsiribihina and Tulear. He appointed managers at each of these branches, namely Rawji Murji (Majunga), Dossa Dewji (Solala), Kermali Mulji (Morondava), Khamis Sumar (Tsiribihina) and Daya Dewji (Tulear).

Alibhai Thawer was a very successful businessman. Apart from the numerous branches he was owner of a 400-ton ship called “Manyaka”. This ship was used to transport goods to different branches. Alibhai travelled to Ranavav, Porbandar, India to get married. In 1893, he went on a Hajj pilgrimage. He was the first person in our community of Madagascar to go to Hajj.

Community Service

Alibhai can be credited for having arranged to bring in many community members from India to settle in Madagascar. He was an extremely generous person for which he was deeply respected. He built a Dharamshala (public roadside inn) at Dhunvav, Jamnagar. He also built a mosque at Chamaradi, Kathiawar (India). The first mosque and Imambara at Nosibe were built by him. However due to lack of maintenance the buildings became derelict and ultimately became just an empty plot of land. He also donated a plot of land to Morondava Jamaat as per his estate, but no records could be found at the Jamaat level. Haji Alibhai Thawer passed away in Morondava in 1902. After his death the heirs decided to sell all the branches of the business to the branch managers. His son in law Walli Issa who lived in Zanzibar was able to get his share according to Ismaili regulations, as he did not belong to his father’s faith.

  • Let us remember Marhum Alhaj Alibhai Thawer, Marhum Abdulrasul Haji Thawer and all the Marhumeen with Sura-e-Fateha for the maghferat of their souls.



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