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Ahmedbhai Hussein Sheriff of Mombasa

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Birth & Death

Birth Date: In The Year 1927

Death Date: May 6, 1990

Brief Profile

Late Alhaj Ahmedbhai Hussein Sheriff of Mombasa, a prominent zakir suddenly died on Sunday 6th May, 1990. He had completed preaching at a majils in Mombasa that Sunday before he collapsed and died. Marhum Ahmedbhai also made his mark as a writer of religious books and articles. He drudged and worked hard when preparing his material which therefore was effective and provoked interest.

Linguistic Skills

Mahrum Ahmedbhai was a linguist with good command over English, Gujarati, Urdu, Farsi and Kiswahili. He chose to write in English for the benefit of the youths in the Community. He was a voracious reader which helped towards his prolific writing and he also had a knack of developing a single event affecting Islam or Muslims into an apt sermon- subject for the audience or readers to digest and then dwell upon.

He was a regular contributor to the "Light" magazine of Bilal Muslim Mission and authored a number of booklets, some of which have been reprinted because of demand. His latest work is titled "Leadership by Divine Appointment" which is in commemoration of the "El-Ghadeer" 1400th Anniversary. This book was chosen as subject of study in the competition organized by the 1400th El- Ghadeer Anniversary Celebration Committee based in Mombasa. Marhum Ahmedbhai had prepared various manuscripts for publication and had compiled substantial material for authoring a series of books he planned to publish in the year he passed away. He served the community in Arusha, Moshi and lastly in Mombasa in various positions. The notable posts were as Chairman of Moshi Jamaat. Chairman of the Mombasa Education Board and as Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania- all for a number of years. Marhum Ahmedbhai was born in Zanzibar in 1927 and had lived in Arusha and Moshi before settling in Mombasa. The Community will remember him with prayers by the books and writings that he left behind as constant living example of service to the cause of Islam.

  • May Allah (SWT) place him with the Chaharda Masoomeens a.s. Amen

Extracted from Federation Samachar July 1990