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Muhammad Alibhai Kurji

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Birth & Death

Birth Date: In The Year 1885

Death Date: In The Year 1939

Brief Profile

Muhammad Alibhai Kurji was born in Mahuwwa (India) in 1885. After pursuing the basic education he travelled to Madagascar in 1901 and worked for Manjibhai Thawer in Morondava. He was an Ismaili and later embraced the madh'ab of Ahlul Baiyt (AS) when he went to Madagascar.

Life Journey

In 1912 he opened his own business in "Ambuibe," later in 1921 he moved his business to "Porombe". After two years he reverted to "Ambuibe" and continued with the business up until 1939.In 1915 in Morondava he got married to Haji Khamis Sumar's daughter, from this wedlock he was blessed with 6 sons and 2 daughters. Since his migration from India, he visited his hometown once only in 1912.

Muhammad Alibhai was pleasant natured and calm person. He disliked misunderstandings and conflicts. He would abstain from any kind of arguments or controversies. Due to his polite nature he was able to grasp the religious laws and rules easily and was very much attached to them. He was punctual and regular in his prayers and fasting. He was also a staunch believer of Ahlul Bayit (AS).


In 1939 due to his ill health he had to travel to Porombe for his check up and treatment, sadly he passed away. Two of his sons were living in Porombe and had established their own businesses.

  • Please remember Marhum Muhammad Kurji and all Marhumeens with Sura-e-Fateha.

Translated by:F. Ali.

Extracted from: Community Directory 1964'