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Kawkab e Khidmat

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Kawkab e Khidmat(Star of Service) is the highest award of the World Federation given to an individual’s outstanding services to the Community and has only been given, so far, 3 times in the history of The WF.

1. Gulam bhai Bhanji (Bapu) for his incredible service to the Community members in Gujarat. This award was given in 1994 by Marhum Mulla Asgher.

2. Sajjadbhai Rashid for personally arranging the rescue of community members from Mogadishu uprising to Mombasa. The award was given by Dr. Hasnain Walji in 2002.

3. Mulla Mohsin Jaffer for lifetime services to the Community. The award was given by Dr. Ahmed Hassam in 2004.

By courtesy of Iqbalbhai Panju - WF secretariat

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