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Hasnain Walji

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Born in Moshi, Tanzania, now residing in Irvine California, Hasnain Walji, is a researcher, speaker and a writer involved in developing professional training and e-learning applications in the field of nutrition and integrative healthcare. He is President of Integrative Quest, Inc which specializes in formulating and marketing probiotics. He has authored of 26 books, all written from naturopathic perspective,endorsed by the Natural Medicine Society of England, translated in several languages including Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese and Chinese.

A contributor to several journals on environmental and Third World consumer issues, he was the founder and editor of The Vitamin Connection - an International Journal of Nutrition, Health and Fitness and Healthy Eating, and has written a script for a six-part television series, The World of Vitamins.

His institutional work for the Muslim community, spans over 30 years, Since 1976 he has served the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities, as Secretary General, Vice-President and then as President of this august body. He is also a founding director and the Current President of the Mulla Asgher Memorial Library and Resource Center in Toronto. He has served as editor of Shia International and Living Islam Magazines and a regular contributor to a number of Islamic Journals. He has and traveled around the World, lecturing and reciting Majlises in English Urdu and Guajarati.

He has a special interest in the History of the Khojas and currently working in a Documentary called The Khojas – A journey of faith. He is also a founding director of a Social Justice Institute called Penmanship For Peace focusing on the plight of persecuted minorities including the Shia in Pakistan and part of a team compiling a volume on Shia Genocide in Pakistan. His passion is in increasing interfaith understanding to make this world a better place for his five grandchildren.


He established MARC

He served as Secretary General of WF

He was vice president of WF during Mullah's leadership at the capacity of WF president.

After the sad demise of Mullah, he took over the president of WF.


MIGRATION HISTORY OF KHOJA COMMUNITY – You Tube. By: Dr. Hasnain Walji, 2012.


PhD summary

Hasnain Walji. Ph.D.'s Summary

Researcher, writer and a consultant specializing in directing and producing user-friendly interactive multimedia programs for consumers in holistic health, nutrition, complementary therapies as well as financial literacy.

Content Developer with a rare insight into the applications of information technology in consumer education.

Actively involved in knowledge management by coordinating research, compilation and editing of data obtained from international research institutes, universities and scientific journals and liaising with the software engineers to develop consumer information programs.

A contributor to several journals on environmental and Third World consumer issues,- founder and editor of The Vitamin Connection - an International Journal of Nutrition, Health and Fitness and Healthy Eating,

Scriptwriter for a six-part television series - The World of Vitamins.

Authored of over 30 books, all written from naturopathic perspective translated in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French Hungarian and Turkish.

Specialties Nutrition & Natural Medicine Financial Literacy Personal Development

Bio published by the KSI of America Directory, founded by Marhum Gulam Dhalla of Los Angeles and continued by his wife Nasimbai

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Dr. Hasnain Walji is a renaissance man. An educator, historian, author, leader, and scientist in the field of nutrition, he has from his teen years to his indefatigable golden years been on a quest to learn and expand his knowledge. In fact he observes the trajectory of history and social trends and incorporates this arc of evolving issues in his contributions. The hallmark of his leadership is to bend this trend so our communities remain relevant and progressive as we confront new realities and challenges, yet remain true to our faith and traditions. Born and raised in Tanzania, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Hasnain has traversed the world. He commenced his institutional service to the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri communities in 1974 as the Secretary to the London Jamaat, and president of Milton Keynes Jamaat in 1976. Soon after the World federation was formed in 1976 he was appointed as Secretary General, serving with the full confidence and as protégé of the founding president, the late Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer, for more than two decades. In due course he succeeded to the presidency of the Federation, and his association in various leadership capacities has been unabated since. His pioneering establishments of various institutions reflect his progressive vision of addressing emerging needs of our communities. They range from the founding team of the Mulla Asghar Memorial Library and Resource Center in Toronto in 2009, the Institute of Islamic Learning in the Metroplex (IILM) in Dallas, to the SAFINAH group serving the social and healthcare needs of local residents in southern California, where he currently resides in Irvine. Amongst his numerous services to various community boards, his signature initiative has been the annual inter-faith gathering on Mother’s Day in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Fluent in several languages, he has recited majalis in English, Urdu and Gujarati on all continents at various Khoja centers, and penned many articles in several Islamic journals. He has authored 26 books on naturopathic medicine that have been translated from English to Chinese and other European languages, and served as editor of the “The Vitamin Connection” – a professional journal. In addition he has scripted a television series on “The World of Vitamins”. As a dedicated oral historian of the Khoja communities he is producing a groundbreaking anthropological documentary “The Khojas – A Journey of Faith” that spans the past 600 years of its history. He is also documenting the genocide of Pakistani Shias under the banner of Penmanship for Peace, a Social Justice Institute he co-founded that focuses on the plight of persecuted minorities.

A master of communications and media usage, Dr. Walji’s skills transcend into the use of technology to applications in integrative healthcare and behavioral science. He is currently VP of Knowledge Management at Frugality Game™ Inc. and CEO of IQBiotix Inc., which specializes, in formulating and marketing probiotics.

Hasnain’s continued remarkable contributions from his active engagement on boards ranging from Universal Muslim Association of America (UMMA) to Interfaith Peace Ministry of Orange County, thought provoking lectures on the challenges of the day, his professional addition to the science of nutrition, embrace of technology in advancing learning, be it madressah resources or finance or healthcare, the breadth of his socio-political endeavor in tackling causes of social and justice that confront our communities - all remain unparalleled, and his legacy will outlast his grandchildren.

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