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Lamu Mosque

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An account by Amir Sadak:

I, Marhum Mulla Anu & group of six friends with Maulana Zaffer Abbas visited Lamu in 1976 and Marhum Bashir Peera took photograph's of Plack (TAKTI).

M/S Dewji Jamal had their office next adjourned building & on top there was IMAM BARGHA of 2 rooms all our functions were held.

Our great grand father HAJJi JIVERAJ MEHJI doneted in Mombasa HUSSENIA ( KUWATUL ISLAM JAMAAT) Imam Bargha, Kabrestan & In Kutch Nagalpoor mosque building & next to it was a family large house & in 1960/70 was given to jamaat.

I knew all this when in 1996 I went to India with Marhum Mulla Asgher M.M.Jaffer he showed me & told me the history of or family & Mullah Sabe introduced me to Kagalpoor Jamaat that doners as Great Grand son & they honered me with 2 Showels this was because of Marhum Mulla Saheb.

DRAFT ARTICLE: Work in Progress

Extarct from an email by Amir Sadak

NOTE: The article needs heavy editing and it is work in progress.