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Mustafa Pirmohamed

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Birth Date: August 11, 1951

Brief Profile

Mustafa bhai was born on 11th August 1951 in Lindi. He acquired his primary education at Stadium Primary from 1957-1964 and secondary education at Lindi Secondary School from 1965-1968 and thereafter at Mkwawa High School in Iringa from 1969–1970. He then embarked to pursue Bachelor of Science in the University of Dar es Salaam in the Faculty of Agriculture from 1971-1974.

Community Services

Mustafa bhai has served the community in various capacities being the Principal of the Husayni Madrasah as well as member and Secretary of Tabligh Sub-Committee for many years including its chairman for two years from 1989 -1991. He was a member of Higher Education Board of Dar es Salaam Jamaat and thereafter the Honorary Secretary of KSIJ -Central Board of Education of Al Muntazir Schools. He then served as the Administrator and Executive Secretary of Al Muntazir Schools from May 2000 until he left Tanzania for United States of America in 2005. Mustafa bhai continued offering his services being a teacher and a treasurer at the Madrasah in Orlando from 2006 – 2009 and later as the Head of Seniors in Orlando. Currently he is actively involved as a member in the Khoja Heritage Project.

AFED Archive Team

Mustafa bhai joined the AFED Archives Team in 2015 upon the request of Alhaj Aunali Khalfan to assist in preparing the fortnightly Archives Bulletins and also translate articles from Gujarati to English from the AFED Directory of 1960 and the Directory of Madagascar. These two directories contain a number of profiles which can be reproduced in simpler and concise articles format of past leaders, elders, volunteers, philanthropists and many others.

Visti to AFED Archive Office

The Africa Federation Vice Chairman Alhaj Aunali Khalfan received the AFED Archives member, Alhaj Mustafa Pirmohamed who is based in Orlando during his visit to the Archives Office and Gallery based at the AFED Tower which took place on Thursday, 23rd February 2023. During his visit, the Archives Team was privileged to meet him and learn from his long experience. He shared his thoughts on giving importance to Archives which formed a vital part of the community history and that it was essential to keep improvising to attract more people to read history.

Mustafa bhai commended the team on the success of their recent expedition of “Chalo Jangbar” which took place in December 2022. He encouraged the team to continue creating passion and interest in history in people especially the youth. He suggested Madrasah kids to be invited to the gallery and familiarize them with Archives. Having campaigns was also an idea encouraged by Mustafa bhai. The AFED Sectional Secretary Dr. Abbasaley Abbas then briefed Mustafa Bhai on the goals of Archives and the new ideas and works that are in progress which include the gallery, the tours, interviews and many more stating that the Team shall be seeking continuous advice from him.

Aunali Bhai thanked Mustafa bhai for his comments and suggestions and asked the Archives Team to take on these ideas and start working on them. One of the projects which was postponed was “Panjo Uganda” , which he asked Archives Section with the help of Mustafa Bhai to start working on as soon as possible.The Africa Federation Archives Team is thankful to Mustafa bhai for his time and insights that he shared with us as well as for his devotion to the Archives Section.

  • We pray to the Almighty Allah (s.w.t) to grant him with good health, long life and more tawfeeqat to continue with his services to the community. Ameen.

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Dated: 6th March 2023