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Edalji/Adelji Dhanji Kaba

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Edalji Dhanji Kaba was born in 1933 of Vikram Samvat calendar (Reference: Kaba ni Kahani, p. 15).

NOTE: The lunisolar Vikram Samvat calendar is 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar. Therefore, he should have born circa 1876. This fact is further corroborated by another account in his autobiography in which he states that he received formal education until the age of 18 which corresponded to 1894 CE. (Reference: Kaba ni Kahani, p. 225). This clearly suggests that he was born in 1876 CE. The date of his death is erroneous as well, given that he published 'Mahuva Commission Report' in 1920 CE. As per the family records, he passed away on 19/2/1925.