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Janmohamed Kermali Murji Rawji

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Haji Janmohamed Kermali Murji Rawji

Birth & Death

Birthdate: 1893
Deathdate: 1967

Born in Haryana, India, Janmohamed Kermali Murji Rawji was a distinguished Zakir who was well known for his devotion to Islam.

Service to the community

In 1895, Janmohamed Rawji’s father migrated from India to Zanzibar, Tanzania and then moved to Madagascar in 1906. In 1911, Janmohamed Rawji himself came to Africa and joined his father in the family business.

Janmohamed K.R. Rawji was famous for his impressive majalises. He served the Madagascar community for 55 years and was a member in good standing with the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa. His daughter was married to Kassamali Bahadurali Mawji, father of active community volunteer, Gulamabbas Kassamali Bahadurali Mawji of Mombasa.

His Legacy

Janmohamed K.R. Rawji passed away at the age of 74 in Madagascar. He was honored with a grand funeral by the Jamaat there. In his tribute to this renowned Zakir, Haji Abdullah Tahora expressed: “I wish I had the opportunity to learn more from Marhum Janmohamed Kermali Murji Rawji, but he left us before we could take advantage of his knowledge.”

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