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Jalal Shah Miskin Shah

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Born in 1901 VS/ 1264 AH (This will coincide either 1844 CE or 1847 CE). He was born in Mahuva. His father settled in Mahuva around 1884 VS/1827 CE and paid service (munjawar) to Majanmiya, the head of Sadat of Mahuva. His mother's name was Jivuba and was eldest of the 4 brothers. He also had 5 sisters.

He visited Karbala three times.

He was the author of Matlub al-Mumineen which was completed in 1312 AH/1894 CE. He was a poet and had a book entitled 'Guldasta e Gulistan e Masum'. He also compiled all the articles related to Mahuva Commission Case and was planning to publish a book 'The Mahuva Commission Case'

His brother, Mamadshah, was killed in Mahuva by some radicals near Jamatkhana and the area in which he was killed was named Khuni Kacho.

He died on 25th of Shaban 1327 AH/11th September 1909 CE.

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