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Hussein Day 1993 - Dar-es-Salaam

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Hussein Day in Dar-es-Salaam organized by Ithna Asheri Union Volunteer Corps - 1993

Hussain Day was being held in Bohora School, Ring Street (Jamhuri Street) in Dar es Salaam for many years until around 1960s when it was discontinued. IUVC under the Chairmanship of late Alhaj Murtaza Dewji and late Alhaj Akber Dhalla revived the Hussain Day program in the early 1970s and thereafter it continued for many years. Various dignitaries, diplomats, religious leaders and politicians were invited to the program which was being held at the terrace of our Imambargha (before the present extension). Among the founder members of the revival of Hussain Day were: Late Murtaza P Dewji, Late Akber G. Dhalla, Late Barrister Murtaza Lakha, Late Gulamhussein Saleh Allarakhia (fondly known as Golo Saleh), Late Mohamed Padamsi (fondly known as Gopio), Late Mulla Muslim Jivraj, Late Yusuf G. Dhalla, Late Hussein Ahmed (Dr. Who), Mohamed Y. Somji, Aunali Khalfan, Munis Bhalloo, Shabbir Bhalloo, Murtaza Jivraj, Mohsin Asgher Nathani, Hassan Aliraza Nathani and Mohamed Bachu (fondly known as Shobot).

  • Please remember all the volunteers who served in various capacities in our Community and the Pioneers of Hussain Day and the IUVC Volunteers who revived this important program of Imam Hussain (AS) Day and who are no longer with us with Sura-e-Fateha for their maghferat.

Photographs – courtesy of Br. Murtaza R. Jivraj (Kerbala)



16th May 2016 (9th Shabaan 1437 AH)

23rd May 2016 (16th Shabaan 1437 AH)

1st June 2016 (25th Shabaan 1437 AH)