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Adelji Dhanji Kaba

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The following books were written by Marhum Adelji Dhanji Kaba

Khoja Kawm ni Tawarikh…Adelji Dhanji Kaba (Master Hashim Bogha (1863-1912) wrote Asliat-i Khoja (Origin of the Khojas) published few months before his death in 1912. It was in response to the “Khoja Kom’ni Tawarikh” (1912) by Edlji Dhanji Kaba.

Firdawas e Bari..Adelji Dhanji Kaba

Khoja Prakash..weekly magazine by Adelji Dhanji Kaba

Noor e Hidayat…Adelji Dhanji Kaba

Hasan bin Sabah..Adelji Dhanji Kabah

The famous book Khoja Vrattant of Sachedina Nanjiyani was published by Adelji Dhanji Kaba in 1918.

Khoja Panth Darpann… Adelji Dhanji Kaba

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