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Jumabhai Mohammed Ukera

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Birthdate: In Year 1874


Mulla Haji Jumabhai Ukera was born in 1874 in Somalia. During that time in Somalia, there were no proper facilities of acquiring academic or religious education; his father took him to Zanzibar to pursue Quranic and religious education in the Madressah, he also learned Gujarati and Urdu languages thoroughly. With his zeal and efforts, he became a good (Zakir) preacher.He lived for 25 years in Zanzibar and then in 1936 he migrated to Merca. He performed his pilgrimage in 1946, besides that he has never travelled to any other place. At the age of 87 Mullah Sahib served as a “Zakir” and was counted as the elderly personality in Merca and Mogadishu.

He got married in 1898 to Alibhai Datoo’s daughter and was blessed with 6 daughters and 6 sons, Mullah Sahib’s father is said to have come from his hometown Kutch-Kapaya (India) in 1870.

Life Journey

During that time the Sultanate of Zanzibar used to rule over Somalia. Later in 1896 the Italian ruled. Between the years 1940 - 1950 the British ruled. Once again from 1950 to 1960 the Italian ruled. Finally Somalia got its independence in 1960.

Mullasaheb had experienced all the rulers and during their reigns.

Up to 1911 the “Sadaat” (progeny of the H. Prophet) of Sunni Jamaat used to conduct sermons during the month of Muharram and all the members respected the mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) and used to wear black attire. The sermons were read out from a book named “Nurulayn fi mashhadal Hussein.”

This long living practice was stopped by a native Sheikh Sufi. He also raised an objection on the inscribed plaques of the names of the”Panjetan” hung in the Shia brothers’ houses and he put a stop to it.

Due to Sheikh Sufi’s strong opposition towards Shiaism, the Shia community was scared to recite the verses of “Alliyun Walliyullah” whilst carrying a deceased bier (Janaza’ah), this continued up to 1936.

But this came to a dramatic turn about when Mulla Jumabhai who courageously recited loudly during Haji Abdurassul Abdurahim’s wife’s demise. Due to his bravery and boldness the verses were once again reintroduced for every deceased bier when taken for burial.

  • Please let us remember Marhum Mulla Haji Jumabhai Ukera and all Marhumeens with Sura-e-Fateha.

Translated by F. Ali.

Extracted from Community Directory 1964

courtesy: Ukera Peera