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Aliraza Turabali Lakhani

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Brief Profile

Ali Raza Lakhani from Karachi was an intellectual community member who could communicate very well both with his pen and with his tongue.The practicing charted accountant was interested in writing short stories and articles and also composed poems in Gujarati which were published in Gujarati daily newspapers Millat and Dawn. He was fluent in Gujarati, Kutchi, Sindhi, Urdu, and Farsi.


On the social front, his accomplishments were as follows:

1) He was an assistant editor of Jamaat News of the Pirhai Jamaat.

2) Served as Chairman of Memon/Ithna Asheri Association and was well respected by the Memons.

3) He was a proactive president of the senior citizens of the community arranging various outings for senior citizens on regular basis – with his prompting, the Pakistan government started issuing Senior Citizens Cards and established Senior Citizens Desks at the airports.

4) He introduced tiffins (meal) program for Senior Citizens in Karachi.

5) Served Mehfil-e- Murtaza and Pirhai Jamaat for several years as an office bearer and a managing committee member and member of Family Relations Committee of Pirhai Jamaat.

6) He was instrumental in drafting marriage contract of the Karachi Jamaat with Late Amanullah Hemani and Ahmedbhai Jaffer which was presented to the WF as a specimen.

7) He used to participate in Gujarati Kavi Sammelan.

8) He was an active member of Ulama Council of Karachi which was presided by Professor Karrar Hussain – he could easily communicate with the Ulama

A man of humble demeanour, he could easily mingle with all types of people young and old.

Courtesy: Ahmedbhai Jaffer