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Relentless Endeavours – A biographical review of the life and times of Mulla Asgharali M. M. Jaffer

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In this book, reflecting on the life and times of Mulla Asgharali M.M. Jaffer and his contribution to the developement of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Community, an attempt has been made to recall the early history of the evolution of the Khoja community and the problems it encountered, especially in the past sixty years. Sections are dedicated to the history of the Khoja, their roots, events leading to their current state, tabligh, retaining the Khoja identity, the aftermath of the Zanzibar revolution, the Asian exodus from Uganda, formation of the World Federation as well as to the delicate current issues of Khums and Ijaza, choosing the right kind of leaders and the socia-religious challenges facing the current and next generations of Khojas worldwide. A section of the book is devoted to reproducing the novella I was Saddam's Prisoner, which is a personal account of Mulla Asghar and wife's incarceration.

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